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Emergency Rooms Hospitals in Durham

  1. Durham Regional Hospital - 3643 North Roxboro Street, Durham, NC (919) 470-4000



Top Affordable Urgent Cares provides coupons to help those who are looking to save money but still desire quality health care. With our online Urgent Care service you can choose an affordable urgent care and they will offer you a coupon worth $10- $20 dollars that you can print right now.

These are limited personalized coupons for new patients; you can print your coupon and activate it for immediate Use.

Medical clinics advertised on our website believe in helping their community and have marked down there initial visit for new patients seeking medical attention.


Top Urgent Cares is an urgent care directory run by real people looking to help you find top affordable Urgent Care centers and walk-in clinics in your local area. With daily contacts to urgent care centers and walk-in clinics we negotiate with medical clinics to create exclusive offers for a limited amount of coupons.

Since there are a limited amount of these coupons; we validate and create a 48-hour Reservation for you. You can walk in at any time during office hours to visit the urgent care and use your coupon within the 48-hour period. If your coupon is not used after two days, the Reservation cancels and your coupon will go to the next person seeking immediate care.

Urgent Care

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Urgent care doctors in Durham work in medical facilities that are dedicated to delivering immediate care. Many times in Durham people need an unscheduled appointment with urgent illness that needs immediate attention from a doctor.

It is generally not serious enough to need a visit to an emergency room in a hospital Durham , but does require immediate attention.


Walk-in Clinic

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Urgent care doctors in Durham work on offering outpatient care for the treatment of illness and injury. It requires a broad and comprehensive knowledge of emergency medicine to provide such care.

Urgent Care doctors concentrate on the evaluation and treatment of arising conditions requiring immediate medical attention for people living in Durham and services all ages and doctors are available 24 hours a day.

Primary Care Doctors in Durham often first diagnose chronic conditions and then generally refer to Urgent care physicians when they cannot see their patient immediately without an appointment.

Health Care

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A lot of doctors that work at urgent care clinics in Durham have previously worked in emergency rooms and Hospitals in Durham . Some doctors specialize in internal medicine, others are lung and pulmonary doctors and all are very experienced with emergency situations.

When visiting an urgent care doctor in Durham it is important to provide them with your medical history to help them diagnose your condition quickly.

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