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Benefit of having our Company Market you Online

The average cost you will expend to bring a new patient to your medical clinic ranges from
$150-$175. Participating in our Urgent Care Marketing Program can bring the same patient to your medical clinic for 66% less in marketing costs.

We can accomplish this because we employ a team of
SEO (search engine optimization) experts who program our website so that it shows on top of Google search engine and includes over 20 keywords in your local city.

If you were to pay individually for your
medical practice to use search engine pay per click or search engine optimization it would cost you in the area of $350 - $750 per month. We provide you with the same exposure for only 30 % of the cost because we market to many different states thus reducing our advertising costs per city.

When you allow us to
advertise your clinic as an affordable one you will receive prominent exposure that will successfully increase your visibility while saving you money and increasing the number of new patients for your office. This gives you a greater advantage over the average urgent medical clinic in your area.

We know how busy you are so we make this a turnkey solution that only requires manager or owner's approval and a fax number to get started; we offer a full range of services so please call us with any questions.




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